January Book Order – due 2/3/12

Scholastic Book Clubs Ordering Information
Class Activation Code: HLFCP

Dear Parent,

This month’s Scholastic Book Clubs flyer is ready for you to explore with your child. Once you’ve decided which books to purchase, please give online ordering a try. It saves time, offers more book choices, and earns extra rewards for the classroom.

To start ordering online, follow these simple steps:

  1.  Register at Scholastic Book Clubs’ secure Web site (www.scholastic.com/bookclubs), and create your own User Name and Password.
  2.  Enter the onetime Class Activation Code above to link you to our classroom.
  3.  Choose the books that you would like to order.
  4.  Pay for your selections using your credit card.
  5.  Submit your order to me online.

It’s always a special moment to see an entire classroom bursting with excitement to open the book box!

Thank you,

Mrs. Church