Progress Monitoring in Math

Under MTSS progress monitoring is vital to know if an intervention or evidence-based strategy is effective.  A common error is that the progress monitoring assessment that we administer is not directly assessing the skill that we’ve been remediating with our intervention or strategy.  If the assessment is not directly aligned, then we have no way of knowing how effective the remediation has been.  Therefore, I have created a Padlet with progress monitoring probes that are aligned to the Three General Levels of Math Skill Development.

In the Padlet you’ll find 4 columns: Number Sense, Computation (Basic Math Operations), Problem Solving and Additional Resources.


Free Printable Posters for Teachers

Spring at last!  It’s that time of year when testing is gearing up, or even in full swing.  If you aren’t familiar with We Are Teachers, you should be!  This is a great website with resources, articles, classroom ideas and even FREE printables.  Check out the free printables – they can be a great resource to enhance a Growth Mindset community in your classroom and to promote positive behavioral choices.

Teachers create all other Professions


Family Math Night 2018

Families can increase math proficiency in their children by playing fun games at home. In this FREE parent seminar, you will learn some strategies, activities & games that you can play as a family to increase student success in math. Materials to use at home will be provided, supplies may be limited. Register in advance:

Family Fun with Math March 2018 Flyer

Growth Mindset Parent Webinar

Parenting for Potential: Using Praise to Foster a Growth Mindset

When students believe they can get smarter, they understand that effort makes them stronger. Learn how simple changes in the way you praise your child can make them into more successful students and people.

View the recorded link here:

Download the handouts:

Growth Mindset Links:

Spread The Word to End The Word 2018

Help me Spread the Word to End the Word. I invite you to join me in an on-going campaign to stop the use of the R-word and pledge #Respect for everyone. Over 650,000 people have pledged their support online since the campaign launched in 2009 and we hope you can join us by making your pledge to end the use of the R-word.


Visit and take the pledge and pass this email along to all your friends so together we can create communities of acceptance and inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Did You Know?

  • Young people around the world are taking a stand and raising awareness of the dehumanizing and hurtful effects of the R-word and are helping encourage others to think before they speak.


  • Special Olympics is leading a global youth movement via a new marketing campaign aimed at shifting the public’s misperceptions about the organization and people with ID.  Through marketing activations and events, we will be challenging the youth of the world to become the first unified generation – one that champions inclusion and unity through activities where individuals with and without intellectual disabilities participate together.  We are empowering youth to make change in their communities.
  • Up to three percent of the world’s population have intellectual disabilities – that’s almost 200 million people around the world. It’s one of the largest disability populations in the world, perhaps you know someone?
  • Language affects attitudes. Attitudes impact actions. Make your pledge to choose respectful people first language at

How B-U-I-L-D a Better Reader – A Free Parent Webinar

During this parent webinar you will:
• learn the importance of consistent reading practice at home
• learn simple, quick, and effective activities that set your child up for successful reading practice
• learn how to build your child’s confidence as a reader
• gain resources for helping your child practice reading at home

View the recorded webinar here:

Give the Gift of Learning this Holiday Season!

You may have seen on social media the idea of limited gifts for children this holiday season.

Christina Tondevold, from did a Vlog on this topic with 4 “Mathy” Things you can get your child.  While it is obvious that there is reading everywhere (on signs, magazine, labels, etc.) sometimes we don’t realize that math too is everywhere (price tags, clocks, money, counting, etc.) Take a few minutes to check out the Vlog or read the transcript to inspire you to bring in the gift of math learning this holiday season!


4 Mathy Things You Can Get Anyone This Christmas


Fall ESLS 2017 Newsletter

Broward County Schools’ Exceptional Student Learning Support Division’s FAll 2017 Newsletter is now available!  Please feel free to share!

ESLS Fall 2017 Newsletter Final


Want to submit an article for the Winter Newsletter?  We are accepting submissions in Canvas through December 22, 2017.  If you do not have access to Canvas, please contact Naomi Church at [email protected] to make your submission.

Newsletter Submission Directions 2017