Family Fun with Math Webinar

Thank you for attending my session Family Fun with Math Webinar.  Please find the referenced slides and resources below.  Enjoy!

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Growth Mindset Parent Webinar

Parenting for Potential: Using Praise to Foster a Growth Mindset

When students believe they can get smarter, they understand that effort makes them stronger. Learn how simple changes in the way you praise your child can make them into more successful students and people.

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How B-U-I-L-D a Better Reader – A Free Parent Webinar

During this parent webinar you will:
• learn the importance of consistent reading practice at home
• learn simple, quick, and effective activities that set your child up for successful reading practice
• learn how to build your child’s confidence as a reader
• gain resources for helping your child practice reading at home

View the recorded webinar here:

Academic Strategies at Home Webinar

This training is based on the book: “Classroom Instruction that Works: Research-based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement” by Robert Marzano.  Teachers use Marzano’s instructional strategies to increase student learning and engagement. How can these strategies be used at home by parents to help build successful students in all academic areas? This 30 minute recorded webinar will give you insight into Marzano’s High Yield Strategies at home.  Enjoy!


Please Click here for a handout on the high yield strategies.