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A teacher’s language and mindset impacts their actions.  A teacher’s actions impact their student’s mindset.  A student’s mindset impacts their performance. In this session, participants will understand the influence of language on mindset.  Research on the effects of praise statements and their impact on student engagement and performance will be explored. 

The Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) teaching sequence has been found to help students with Learning Disabilities learn procedures and concepts (Flores, Hinton, & Strozier, 2014).  Join us to learn how to use this effective strategy to teach ALL students and mathematical concepts.    

“If students know the classroom is a safe place to make mistakes, they are more likely to use feedback for learning.” –Dylan Williams.  Bridging the gap from research to practice, participants will learn how to formulate feedback that activates and bolsters a growth mindset in learners.  

“There is no formula or recipe that works for all learners in all times.  There is no set of lesson plans or units that can engage the range of learning styles, approaches, and intelligences that are likely to gather in one classroom.”William Ayres 

Learn what Universal Design for Learning is and how you can apply these strategies to increase student success in the Mathematics Classroom. 

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“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding.”

– William Paul Thurston