20 Terms Every Test Taker Should Know

  1. Cause and Effect – The reason something happened/What happened as a result
  2. Compare/Contrast – To find ways things are alike/To find ways things are different
  3. Conclusion – A decision made about information you are given
  4. Content – Information that makes up the passage
  5. Describe – To tell or write about
  6. Evaluate – To decide the value or amount of something, to judge
  7. Explain – To make clear or understandable
  8. Fact/Opinion – A truth/A belief or idea that a person has
  9. Illustrate – To give examples, to make clear
  10. Infer – To draw a conclusion after reading all information given, to predict what will happen
  11. Main Idea – The most important thing the passage is about
  12. Mood – The feeling that the author expresses in the passage
  13. Outline – A list of the main points you plan to include in a written answer
  14. Persuade – To try to get another person to think or feel the same way you do
  15. Problem/ Solution – A question that needs solving/The answer to a problem
  16. Purpose – The reason something is done
  17. Sequence – The following of one thing after another
  18. Summarize – To give the main points of a passage
  19. Support – To give examples that help prove an answer
  20. Structure – The way something is organized