What is Fluency Homework?

Reading well is a key to success in school, on state and national tests, and in life in general. I would like to invite you to work with us in helping your child become a better reader. All you have to do is read with your child daily, like many of you have been doing already!

Each Monday, your child will receive a short reading homework assignment that asks you to listen to him/her read out loud. It is focusing on your child’s fluency. Fluency is the ability to read text accurately, smoothly, at an appropriate rate with expression. Have your child practice reading the story each night. The goal is to see an improvement in the number of words read correctly each time the passage is attempted. (They should read orally to you like they were talking in a conversation). On Thursdays the students should answer the comprehension check questions at the bottom of the page in a complete sentence.

Your child will have from MONDAY to FRIDAY to complete the assignment. They will get credit for doing the work (or lose HW points for not returning the assignment). The paper needs to be signed by you daily in order to be considered complete. Also, each week I will be listening to students read, checking for improvement in their fluency. Have your child keep the fluency assignment in their binder in the page protector that has been provided to them. They need to return it to school daily, as we use the assignment for a one-minute buddy time reading during the week.

Thank you for your assistance in making your child the very best he/she can be!