Welcome Back!

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope you are enjoying your spring break.  Just a reminder that classes resume on Monday, March 21st at 8:45am.  Remember that doors open at 8:15am and that is also when breakfast is served.  Please remember to be on time.  In the next three weeks prior to the FCAT we will continue to learn new Geometry curriculum in math in addition to reviewing all skills and strategies in reading and math that have been previously learned.  Students should try their best on their homework every night as it is in preparation for the FCAT and for 4th grade.  Students must prove all of their answers in reading comprehension passages and show all of their work on math problems.

Updated grade sheets with the most current grades will be issued on Monday, March 21st.  Only 2 weeks remain in the 3rd quarter so students will have only a few opportunities to improve their grades.  One of which is the fractions (ch. 7 & 8) test on Tuesday 3/22.  Please sign and return the grade sheet immediately.

As always, thank you for your continued support.


Mrs. Church