FSI number and Lunch Numbers

Lunch Numbers

You received a sheet at Open House with your child’s FSI number and his/her NEW lunch number.  Be sure to keep that paper handy such as on the fridge door – you can even use the magnet with my info on it so you have that handy as well!  I forgot to mention that the lunch numbers are new this year, so the old numbers will no longer work.  Please start working with your child to memorize this new number immediately to help the cafeteria run more smoothly.  We want to try to avoid long lines in the cafeteria.

FSI Numbers (Student ID #)

Also a reminder that online payments for all school activities and purchases are encouraged this year.  You can make all payments (including lunch, field trips, recorder purchase for music class, school spirit shirt purchases, etc.) at Challenger’s Website.  You will need your child’s FSI number to do so.  Your child will also need to memorize this number to get onto BEEP and Compass Odyssey.  See BEEP directions below:

To access student textbooks, FCAT Explorer and other useful resources such as academic achievement and performance through Virtual Counselor.

1. Using an internet browser (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.), type in the url address: http://beep.browardschools.com  (Then bookmark it so you don’t have to type it in again every time!)

2. Click on student portal.

3. Login to BEEP.

USER ID: ________________ (10 digit FSI #)

PASSWORD: ______________ (birthdate: mm/dd/yyyy) *THERE MUST BE THE “/” PUT INTO THE PASSWORD IN ORDER FOR IT TO WORK AND YOU MUST ENTER ZEROS IF NECESSARY! For example January has to be “01”)

There is also a parent portal, which contains some useful links and information.