The specials schedule this year can be a bit confusing, so I want to clarify.  We are on a 6 day rotation this year.  Students only have special every other day for 40 minutes instead of everyday for 30 minutes which was the case in years past.  Our schedule is as follows:

Day 1 – Music

Day 2 – Science (in classroom with Mrs. Church)

Day 3 – Media

Day 4 – Science (in classroom with Mrs. Church)

Day 5 – Music

Day 6 – Science (in classroom with Mrs. Church)


Because the schedule can be confusing, students should keep their recorders and library books in their backpacks at all times.  This way they’ll have them to read and practice at home, but also have them for class.  If you haven’t yet paid for a recorder you can do so online by clicking here.  If you do not want to purchase a recorder for financial reasons, please write Ms. Colman a note explaining and she will let your child borrow a recorder.  Thank you!