Very Important – Planners!

Planners are a vital part of the communication process.  They are a daily link between home and school.  EVERY NIGHT students will have some kind of homework – this started on the first day of school and will go all the way until the last day of school.  Even on weekends students will have homework to practice skills we are learning in class.

Student Responsibility

Therefore, EVERY day students are writing in their planners in school.  My expectation of the students is that they write their homework for the night in the planner as soon as they unpack their bags in the morning.  This is mandatory regardless of tardiness or on-time arrival.  Students are instructed to write the word “none” if they have no homework in a particular subject so that you don’t think they forgot to write it down.

I bring up these expectations because it has come to my attention that several students are not recording homework in the planners daily.  If your child’s planner is blank – he/she did NOT follow directions.  We we will NEVER leave an entire day blank.

Parent Responsibility

It is the parents’ responsibility to sign the planner each night.  Your signature indicates that you have at least checked all homework assignments listed in the planner for completion.  I do not expect you to review all answers with your child – but you do need to ensure that assignments are being completed.  Students are asked to make up all missed classwork and homework during more desirable classroom activities such as Fun Friday.  Keep in mind that students earn letter grades this year on the report card.  Homework is worth 10% of the total grade, so students not completing homework can lower their overall grade up to a full letter grade!


If you have further questions about the planners and homework policy, please email me at [email protected]  I appreciate your help in educating your child.  Thank you!