Chapter 1 Math Test Retake 9/19/11

Due to the poor showing on yesterday’s Ch. 1 math test, I will be allowing the students to retake the test next week.  We have 20 students in our class, of which 25% earned an A (and they will not have to retake the test) while 50% earned a D or an F.  All students earning a B or lower will retake the chapter 1 test on Monday 9/19/11.  I will be sending home yesterday’s test tonight.  Please review all missed problems with your child, sign the test and return it to school on Monday.
The following are tools to help your child review for the test:

  1. Review missed problems from the test so you don’t make the same mistakes again!
  2. Review math practice (homework) book – red marks in the book indicate problems your child missed and should review.
  3. Go online to the Math Textbook to review lessons taught in class.
  4. Go online to the Math Reteach book for tutorials in difficult lessons.

I will average the 2 test grades in the gradebook.  So, the first test grade does still count, but getting a better score on the retake can greatly improve your child’s grade.  Progress reports (interims) will go home next Friday with the grades in every subject.  Most students did well on the mid-chapter quiz so I know they have the potential to do well on the test.

Reminders for Math:
About = ESTIMATE!!! (5 or more you score, 4 or less you rest)
How many more = subtract
in all, altogether = add