Homework in 3rd Grade

I have received a couple of parent questions about the homework, so I wanted to explain the “why” behind 3rd grade homework.

How Much Homework Should My Child Receive Nightly?

The general rule of thumb for homework is 10 minutes per grade level per night.  For example, 10 min/night in 1st grade, 20 min/night in 2nd grade and 30 min/night in 3rd grade.  The nightly homework that I assign should take the average 3rd grade student approximately 30 minutes (of fully focused work time) per night.  If it takes your child significantly longer than this on a daily basis (not just once in a while), please contact me for a conference so we can discuss why this may be and come up with solutions.

Homework/Time Breakdown

30 Minutes per night on average broken down the following way:

Spelling – 5 minutes (for students who don’t score 100% on pretest)

Fluency – 5 minutes (or less)

Math – 10-15 minutes

Reading Comprehension/Vocab – 10 minutes

Science/Social Studies – 10 minutes (when given)

Why is my child getting this homework?

Students are assigned homework to practice skills taught in school to ensure mastery.  This way, the curriculum in school can continue progressing at the district-mandated pace according to the Instructional Focus Calendar (IFC).

Math – Each day a new math lesson is taught, so students are given homework to review the specific lesson that was taught that day.  This is why students should not work ahead in the math homework book.  Students should apply strategies that were taught that day to ensure correct practice.  All lessons can be reviewed if need be in the online textbook or the reteach book.  Just match the lesson number on the homework to the same lesson in the text or reteach book.

Language Arts (spelling & grammar) – Students are given spelling homework each night to help them review the words and the phonics skills.  The words and phonics skills are thoroughly taught on Monday and students work with them at a center, but additional practice is up to the student at home.  Students who earn 100% on Monday’s pretest will NOT have spelling homework for the week because they have proven that they do not need the additional daily practice. Grammar homework is usually given once per week to review the specific skill taught in class.

Reading – All 3rd graders are given fluency homework.  This is just one short passage that students are asked to read through aloud at least once per night to increase their word familiarity.  Research shows that increased fluency is linked to better reading comprehension.  Students are also given reading comprehension homework 2-3 nights per week to review. The Treasures reading book can be accessed online for homework help.  All selection quizzes are open book.

Science/Social Studies – Science and Social Studies homework is usually only given 1 night per week. You can access the Science Fusion textbook online here if your child needs additional review.