September BAT Scores Are In!

Dear Parents,

Your child’s scores as assessed through the Broward County September Benchmark Assessment Test (BAT) are now available online.

These scores are NOT a percentage, but they are a PERCENTILE score. This means that the score is compared to other students throughout the county at the same grade level and the percentile is what percentage of students that your child achieved higher than.

If the score appears in RED, it means that your child is predicted not to be proficient in that area at the time of FCAT. This means they are predicted not to earn a level 3 or higher on the FCAT in that area.

You can look at the details of your child’s score on virtual counselor through BEEP.

All students should know how to login to BEEP by now, but if you have difficulty, printed directions are available in the front of the students’ planners and on my website.

Thank you,

Mrs. Church