Cumulative Math Test!

I’m happy to share with you that the Chapter 3 Math Test grades were fantastic!  I’m so pleased to see that everyone is understanding the concepts, doing their homework and studying.  Unfortunately, in 3rd grade everything is cumulative, so just because students are tested on a chapter does not mean that they are no longer responsible for the material.  On Wednesday, students will take a cumulative math test that covers everything we have learned thus far this year.  It will cover Chapter 1 (place value, number sense, regrouping, estimating), Chapter 2 (Bar graph, line plot, picto-graph, frequency table, tally chart) and Chapter 3 (multiplication, arrays, repeated addition, commutative property).  We will spend tomorrow in class reviewing concepts from previous chapters.  Additionally, students will have P329-330 for homework tomorrow which is a review of one of the concepts in Ch. 1 that many students struggled with.  Please begin studying tonight and continue to study tomorrow to help students recall all of this material.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the online resources below to help your child study.

  1. Math Resources (including flash cards, hundreds chart, skip counting/multiplication songs and more)
  2. Math Reteach book (Look in the table of contents for the specific skills or lessons your child needs review with.  Each page offers a written tutorial followed by practice problems.  Students have NOT done this in class so it will all be new to them.)
  3. Math Textbook (Students are not allowed to take these home but you can access it online here to review lessons and strategies taught in class.)
  4. Kahn Academy Tutorial Videos (Click the link, click watch a video, scroll to arithmetic and select the subject your child needs review with)
  5. BEEP (There are other math games and activities available through BEEP that students have access to when they login.  Login info located in clear pocket in the front of the student planners.)

Enjoy and Happy Studying!  :-)