Spelling Words Week of 10/31/11

Happy Halloween!  Welcome to the 2nd Quarter of 3rd Grade!  Now that students have had about 9 weeks to get acclimated to 3rd grade homework we are going to begin have 20 words on our spelling tests.  The same rule applies for the pretest – students who score 100% on the pretest on Monday do NOT have to do the spelling homework throughout the week, but they DO have to take the test on Friday.  Also, be sure to check student spelling notebooks as the spelling homework activities have changes for the 2nd quarter.

High Frequency Words:

  1. today
  2. try
  3. wash
  4. wrong
  5. yellow
  6. also
  7. always
  8. around
  9. best
  10. box
  11. color
  12. fall
  13. five
  14. grow
  15. head
  16. light
  17. made
  18. part
  19. people
  20. read