November/December Book Report

Students will have one final book report due before winter break.  This is a student favorite every year – the paper bag book report!  Students will be given a rubric in class, but here it is in advance if you want to start preparing.  Enjoy!


This month students will complete the paper bag book report. They will choose a narrative chapter book and complete the activities from the rubric. They have to choose their book and get it approved by Mrs. Church no later than MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2011. Once they have done this, it is time to move on to reading and working on the book report.

Please read the following rubric to be sure what this book report needs to include. Rubric must be turned in with final book report.  5 points will be deducted for a missing rubric.

        Description   Points
Turned in on due date 12/14/11 (-5 points for each day late.)    /10
Correct format (A large paper bag with a summary on the front of the bag.)    /10
Title and author of the story on the front of the bag.     /5
Summary’s content- It has 3 paragraphs telling what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the book. (Beginning includes the problem or goal and end includes the solution.)    /20
Grammar- This is complete sentences with capital letters, punctuation and sentences that make sense. (Each error is -2 points.)    /10
Pictures- At least 5 pictures from the story on the bag. There should be at least one picture of each of the following: characters, setting,problem, solution and one free choice.    /10
Captions- There is one caption with each picture describing what the picture is or what is happening in the picture.    /10
Items in the bag- There are at least 3 items in the bag that go along with, or relate to the story in some way.    /15
Presentation- This means presenting my book report to the entire class. This includes being able to present it without having to read it word for word from the bag. It also includes speaking loudly and clearly enough for everyone to hear.  (PRACTICE THIS AT HOME!)


TOTAL: __/100