Report Cards 11/17/11

The 1st quarter report cards will be issued on Thursday, November 17, 2011.  This year Challenger is using computer printed report cards so you’ll find your child’s report card on printed on white paper instead of the usual handwritten with different colors each quarter.  Please sign and return the report card envelope to verify that you have viewed the report card and the contents of the envelope.  The actual report card is yours to keep.

You will find the following items in the report card envelope:

  1. report card printed on white paper
  2. a print out of your child’s AR quiz scores (counted as reading quiz grades) for the entire 1st quarter
  3. a print out of your child’s score on the STAR computer assessment.  This letter includes tips for how to best assist your child at his/her reading level.  Please carefully review then sign and return the letter.
  4. an invitation to the honor roll assembly if your child made the honor roll
  5. an excellent behavior award if your child showed exemplary behavior for the entire quarter
  6. attendance certificates for perfect attendance or on time every day, or letters for poor attendance
  7. progress monitoring plan letters for select students

Please review the contents of the envelope with your child.  If you find that you have questions, please email me and we can set up a conference.  If you have already had your first conference with me, you may need to wait until I finish my first round of conferences with all of the students and their parents.  Remember, third grade is a big change.  With the introduction of very high stakes testing and letter grades, it often takes students a quarter to get used to the rigorous curriculum and expectations.