Chapter 4 Math Test – 11/30/11

In addition to BAT testing this week, students will also take a Chapter 4 Math Test on Wednesday, November 30th.  Students will of course get a break and have lunch and recess after the BAT, then they’ll take the math test in the afternoon.  Students will have review homework tomorrow night to assist with studying for the test.  Additionally, please take advantage of the online resources.

Online Resources:

  1. BEEP (Once students are in BEEP they can go on MegaMath, itools, or Online Intervention to review lessons taught in class and practice problems).
  2. Khan Academy (scroll down to arithmetic, then find the multiplication videos that are applicable)
  3. Online Textbook (Review math lessons taught in class with the actual textbook pages)
  4. Reteach book (includes tutorials and practice problems to review for the test)

Happy Studying and Good luck!  :-)