Spelling Week of 2/13/12

What Do Illustrators Do? Spelling Words


Unit 3 Week 5

1. coy

2. soil

3. foil

4. toil

5. coins

6. point

7. noise

8. loyal

9. boiled

10. spoiled

11. enjoys

12. voice

13. choice

14. soybean

15. joyful

16. spoon

17. rude

18. shook

19. noisy

20. checkpoint

*As usual #19-20 are for members of the squares and circles reading groups only.  Students who scored 100% on Monday’s pretest do not have spelling homework this week.  Students who are absent the day of the pretest automatically have spelling homework for the week.

**Don’t forget that the spelling book pages are worth 1 point of extra credit each.  Just print and complete them and turn them in with spelling homework on Friday to receive credit.  Enjoy!