Dear Parents,

The binder that students use in my classroom is called the STAR binder.  STAR stands for Students Taking Academic Responsibility.  One of my goals this year is to teach your children to take responsibility for their behavior and academics.  Upon checking planners this morning, I noticed that many students have not been writing down their homework on a daily basis, have not been recording their spelling words into their planners and have not been getting planners signed.  I have not been checking individual planners daily in an effort to teach students to take responsibility and because my time is better spent instructing students on new material rather than helping them write down their assignments.

Parents, you can help by checking your child’s planner at night and initialing next to each completed homework assignment.  This ensures that students wrote the assignment and completed it.  Likewise, I will take valuable instructional time next week to check planners daily to reteach students how to effectively record their assignments.  Then, following that students will be expected to properly record all spelling and homework assignments daily.  If homework or spelling words are not properly written, students will lose a classwork point that day in class.

I love having a classroom website and think it is a valuable resource for parent communication.  However, it has come to my attention that some students are using the website to avoid responsibility in class because they know they can access the information later.  Therefore, for next week spelling words will not be available online.  Students are expected to write them down in class to complete their homework.

Thank you for your help in educating your child.


Mrs. Church