Spelling Words Week of 3/19

This week’s phonics skill focuses on the /ou/ sound.

Triangles spelling words will all feature ou to make the /ou/ sound. (#1-10)

Squares and Circles will have words with both ou and ow to make the /ou/ sound, in addition to some review words. (#1-20)

For extra credit in Language Arts you can print the spelling practice book pages and complete them.  One point of extra credit will be awarded per completed page.

  1. found
  2. shout
  3. couch
  4. scout
  5. round
  6. proud
  7. clouds
  8. ground
  9. louder
  10. bounce
  11. town
  12. owl
  13. bow
  14. plow
  15. crowd
  16. drawing
  17. lawn
  18. hauls
  19. snowplow
  20. outline