Reading Log

Beginning this week students will have to complete a reading log weekly.  Due to FCAT this will be the ONLY reading homework for students this week.  Additionally, this week there will be no Language Arts (spelling), Fluency, Science or Social Studies to allow students to get plenty of rest and spend time reading.  The reading log requires students to record the title of the book they are reading each night and the number of minutes they spent reading it.  The minimum required minutes nightly is 20.  If students are reading a chapter book, it is possible that they are reading the same book each night.  Then, you must initial nightly to confirm that the reading occurred.  Then, to aide with reading comprehension, students will complete a reading activity on their log each night.

  • Monday – Write the main idea of the story you just read.  Then add three more sentences that are supporting details for the main idea.  (10 points)
  • Tuesday – Select 3 words from the reading that were challenging for you.  Write the word, the sentence you found it in, and the meaning of the word.  (10 points)
  • Wednesday – Sequence what you have read.  Please be sure to use complete sentences and describe the events thoroughly.  (10 points)
  • Thursday – It is time for you to give your opinion about what you have read.  First, pick your favorite part of the book and tell me about it and why it was your favorite part.  Next, pick your least favorite part and tell me why it was your least favorite part.  (10 points)

All reading logs will be collected on Fridays for a total of 50 points.  Students who do NOT turn in a log will earn 0 out of 50 points.  Students who turn in late logs will lose one letter grade for each day that it is turned in late.