Spelling Words Week of 4/23/12

This week’s spelling words are homophones (sometimes call homonyms)!  Some of these are even review from previous weeks, so I’m expecting students to do very well this week!  :-)  All students should be able to tell you what a homophone is – so ask them.  You can also review with the Homophones Powerpoint.  Some reading groups have changed, so students may not be the same shape they were in the first 3 quarters.  For privacy reasons I will not post the groups online, but be sure to ask your child which shape he/she is now so that the correct spelling words are studied.

Triangles are responsible for the first 15 words.

Squares are responsible for the first 18 words.

Circles are responsible for all 20 words. 

  1. sale
  2. sail
  3. beet
  4. beat
  5. rode
  6. road
  7. rowed
  8. its
  9. it’s
  10. your
  11. you’re
  12. there
  13. they’re
  14. peace
  15. piece
  16. city
  17. gems
  18. space
  19. seen
  20. scene

As always, students will take a pretest on Monday.  Students who score 100% on the pretest (this means students will need to know word meanings as well as spellings since I use them in context) will not have spelling homework for the week.  Students who wish to earn extra credit in spelling may complete the Spelling Practice Sheets and turn them in by Friday.