Spelling Words Week of 5/21/12

Spelling Test will be on THURSDAY, MAY 24 due to short week.

We will try to do the pretest on Monday either before or after the field trip, but if we can’t fit it in, then we’ll take it Tuesday.

Triangles are responsible for the first 15 words.

Squares are responsible for the first 18 words.

Circles are responsible for all 20 words.



  1. airplane
  2. daytime
  3. birthday
  4. daylight
  5. hairdo
  6. notebook
  7. birdhouse
  8. barefoot
  9. headlight
  10. sometime
  11. someone
  12. newspaper
  13. sidewalks
  14. basketball
  15. stagecoach
  16. states
  17. inches
  18. cities
  19. somebody
  20. handwriting

These first 15 words, and the final 2 are all compound words.  A compound word is a word made up of two smaller words.  For example: cook + book = cookbook.  For the final time this year, extra credit will be offered in Language Arts.  Students may complete the spelling book pages to earn 1 point of extra credit per page.  Enjoy!  :-)