Spelling Words Week of 9/10

Story:  Whose Habitat Is It?
Phonics Skill:  Long a  (Students can practice with this week’s skill on Starfall.com!)
Unit 1 Week 3

As always, students will take a pretest on the first day of the week.  Students who score 100% on the pretest will not have spelling homework for the week.  ALL students will take the test for a grade on Friday, 9/14 though.  Students who wish to earn extra credit in spelling (Language Arts) may complete the Habitat spelling book Pages and turn them in by Friday, 9/14.  Students will earn 1 point per page that is completed.
1. fail
2. bay
3. pail
4. ray
5. plain
6. tray
7. trail
8. May
9. braid
10. sway
11. gray
12. plays
13. paint
14. snail
15. great
16. safe
17. rice
18. globe
19. lady
20. afraid