Create a Country Project due 10/1

I’m so excited to introduce our 1st project of 3rd grade!  Our first project will be Social Studies project to engage my students in map skills.  The create a Country project is designed to show student knowledge of our first Social Studies Unit.

Project Assigned: September 19, 2012

Project Due: October 1, 2012

*Students will lose 1 point off of the total per day that the project is late.  

Directions: Create a map of your own country.  The country you create can be any size and shape.  Be creative and use a theme!

Students will get a copy of the directions and rubric in class on 9/19, but you can also download the rubric and a sample project.  Projects do not need to be completed on the computer.  They can be hand drawn on construction paper as well.  I am happy to provide the paper if your child needs it.

Download the directions, rubric and sample by clicking here!

Parents: Please remember that this project is for the students.  It is great to help your child, but please be sure that the students do most of the work on their own.  Thank you!