Curriculum Week of 10/8

Curriculum for the Week of October 8-12, 2012:

Reading/Language Arts:

Comprehension: Plot (characters, setting, beginning, middle, end)

Vocabulary: antonyms (opposites)

Spelling/Phonics: long e spelled “ea” and “ee”

Grammar: Common and Proper nouns

Genre:  Plays!

The Strongest One Home/School Connection with activities to review this week’s skills in English, Spanish and Creole.  This week’s vocabulary words, spelling words and reading skill are all in the home/school connection.

Math: Chapter 3 Multiplication!  We will be starting with arrays and repeated addition.  Be sure to check out the multiplication resources on the classroom website!

Social Studies:  Columbus Day Activities, Meet the Masters art lesson

Science:  Matter (Solids, Liquids & Gasses)


  • Students will still be assessed in spelling on Friday.
  • Students should read 20 minutes per night.
  • Spelling homework will be checked on Fridays for the entire week.
  • Reading homework will be weekly again.  Tic Tac Toe will be assigned Monday and will not be due until Friday.
  • Math homework will continue to be check DAILY though.
  • Please sign or initial BOTH planners and points calendars nightly.