Curriculum Week of 10/15

Curriculum for the Week of October 8-12, 2012:

Reading/Language Arts:

Comprehension: Compare characters, settings & events

Vocabulary: multiple meaning words

Spelling/Phonics: digraph ch, See spelling post for additional information

Grammar: Singular and Plural Nouns

Genre:  Fantasy

Math: Chapter 3 Multiplication!  We will be continuing with arrays, repeated addition, and other multiplication strategies in addition to learning some of the properties of multiplication.  Be sure to check out the multiplication resources on the classroom website!

Science:  Matter (Solids, Liquids & Gasses)


  • Students will be assessed in spelling on Friday.
  • Students should read 20 minutes per night.
  • Spelling homework will be checked on Fridays for the entire week.
  • Reading homework will be weekly again.  The assigned packet is not due until Friday.
  • Math homework will continue to be check DAILY though.
  • Paper Bag Book Reports are due 10/23 and bags have already been distributed.
  • Please sign or initial BOTH planners and points calendars nightly.