Spelling Week of 10/29

I apologize for not getting this up sooner!  Amazingly enough we still have 4 students with no spelling homework this week due to a perfect score on the pretest!  Way to go Tomas, Tyler Su., Jason & Terrence.  Great phonics skills!  :-)

Main Reading Selection:  What’s in Store for the Future

Phonics Skill:  th, wh, sh, & review of ch.  There are great review activities on Starfall.com that match this week’s phonics skills for some fun computer practice.

Extra Credit:  Here is the first Language Arts extra credit activity of the 2nd quarter!  Download the Future Spelling Book Practice pages and complete them to earn 1 point of extra credit per page.  These must be turned in by Friday 11/2 to receive credit.

Unit 2 Week 3

1. thick

2. this

3. truth

4. whales

5. shock

6. fish

7. what

8. sixth

9. them

10. washing

11. wheel

12. pathway

13. month

14. dishpan

15. weather

16. lunch

17. chick

18. pitch

19. shadow

20. thicken