Curriculum & Reminders 11/5-11/16

Reminders for November 5-16:

  • There is NO SCHOOL on Tuesday, 11/6, Mon. 11/12, Thur. 11/22, & Fri. 11/23.
  • We have field trips on Wed. 11/7 & Fri. 11/16.  For both field trips please wear your NEW CLASS T-SHIRT!   Please do not wear them except when instructed so they stay in good shape and don’t get lost.  Thank you for your help with this!  Also for the field trips please bring a disposable bag lunch and a sweater in case it gets cold.
  • Dolphins Junior Training Camp will be on Wednesday 11/21.  Please remember to fill out the online waiver for this event.  Also please wear your class t-shirt and sneakers on this day.

Curriculum for November 5-16:

  • Reading:  Review Main Idea & Details.  Download this week’s Planets Home/School Connection for additional information, vocabulary words and activities.
  • Genre: Informational Nonfiction– a story that uses facts to explain about real people, things, places, situations, or events.
  • Language Arts:  Grammar:  Possessive Nouns -A possessive noun is a noun that shows who or what owns or has something.

    Add an apostrophe (‘) and the letter s to a singular noun to make it possessive.

    Phonics:  consonant blends.  See Spelling post for more info.

  • Math:  Ch. 4 Multiplication continued.  Tree Diagrams & combinations, Distributive Property, Multiply by 9.
  • Social Studies:  Citizenship, Elections, Government
  • Science:  Unit 2 – Space