Benchmark Assessment Testing 12/3-12/7

November 30, 2012

Dear Parents,

The Broward County Benchmark Assessment Test (BAT) will be administered to all third, fourth, and fifth grade students from Monday, December 3rd through Friday, December 7th. Third and Fourth grade students will be assessed in the areas of Reading and Mathematics. Fifth grade students will be assessed in Reading, Mathematics and Science. The BAT is designed to mirror the Sunshine State Standards appropriate to each grade level. As such, results from the assessment should be used as one component to guide instructional decision-making.

Your child should get a minimum of eight hours of sleep each night before testing.
Eating a balanced breakfast helps provide for good test performance. Protein and complex carbohydrates are needed for endurance and energy.
Try to maintain a relaxed atmosphere at home. How one begins the day greatly influences the events and outcome of that day.

Please see that your child is in attendance and ON TIME on all testing days. Any student that is tardy will not be allowed to enter his/her class until testing is completed.  Make ups must be completed by December 7th.

Your continued interest and support during testing is vital to your child’s testing experience. Thank you for your help.


Mrs. Celestin

School Counselor