New Classroom Management System

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Dear Parents,

I have decided to pilot an online classroom management system with my class.  Starting this system at this point in the year will allow the students to have an input in the rewards and consequences of their behavior.  They are helping me to develop a system that will work the best for our class.  Therefore the point systems that were previously in place have changed.

Students were given information today to login and create their own account and avatar for our classroom management system.  Help your child go online to  They can then create their own account with their first & last name, birthdate, gender and a parent’s email address.  They have a secret code that they were given today that they’ll use to link up their account to my class.  Then they should be able to choose their avatar and personalize other information.

This system will also allow you as the parent to track your child’s progress online.  This will provide immediate communication.  Tomorrow students will come home with a handout for parents to register online to track your child’s progress.

I am looking forward to great success with this new system as students will have more of an input in their progress, parents will be able to track it regularly on their own and the online avatars provide immediate feedback in class.  Look for an online survey asking for your feedback on this system after we have used it for a while.  Your input on the online surveys is very valuable and I use it to make modifications to what is going on in the classroom.

Thank you for your continued support.


Naomi Church