Top Secret Assignment!!!


Dear Parents,

As I am sure you are already aware, the FCAT is quickly approaching… but don’t worry, your kids will be ready!

Kids love getting mail and special notes.  I am asking each of you to help me do 2 very special things for the students.

The first thing I would like for you to do is write a really nice, soothing, and encouraging letter to your child.  (You might have each person in your family write a little note too!)  Write on cute paper and be colorful and fun about it (maybe even use some stickers or something).  You can also include a picture of a special memory or maybe a picture of the family pet – this is always a favorite.  Place your letter in an envelope.  Seal the envelope and mark it with your child’s name, ‘TOP SECRET’, and ‘DO NOT OPEN UNTIL FCAT TESTING’!  Then place that envelope in another envelope.  Mark the outside envelope with my name, ‘Mrs Church’ and ‘TOP SECRET’.  This will heighten their anticipation and make your letters that much more special to them!  I will give these letters to the students just before testing begins on the first day of FCAT administration.  A few encouraging words from you may make all the difference on this very stressful day for them!  Thank you in advance!

The second thing I would like you to do for your assignment is to please create an encouraging poster (about the size of a regular sheet of computer paper) for the class.  You might write “Good Luck on the FCAT” or “Do Your Best”.  Again, be creative & make it colorful and fun.  Make sure you sign your poster (example: Love, The Cunningham Family).  Again, the kids will be excited to see stuff from their families up on the wall.  These posters will be posted on the bulletin board right outside the room.  Please remember that your poster should be for the class, not addressed to a specific child.

If you have any questions, need help, don’t want to do your homework, need ideas, need supplies, etc…  please do not hesitate to contact me via email.



Mrs. Church