Math Tests Week of 2/25/13

Dear Parents, test

We’ll be finishing up and reviewing Ch. 8 on Comparing Fractions early this week.  Students will be tested on Chapter 8 on Wednesday 2/27.  Then we’ll do a cumulative review of all we’ve learned in math thus far in 3rd grade on Thursday in class.  You’ll see review homework on Wednesday and Thursday night.  Finally on Friday 3/1 students will be taking the Math Big Idea 2 Assessment.  Big Idea 2 is a cumulative math assessment on Chapters 1-8 including addition & subtraction with regrouping, multiplication, division, fractions, comparison of fractions and place value.  Take advantage of the math resources on our website and the computer programs to help your child review.  Next week we move on to the final Big Idea of 3rd grade math which is Geometry.

Thank you,

Mrs. N. Church