Spelling Week of March 4-8

Dear Parents,

The phonics skills are becoming increasingly difficult and more than one spelling for a similar sound is being mixed together.  Therefore this week’s spelling words will be a review of previous “bossy r” words.  Words with the r controlled vowels will be retested to ensure that students can identify the difference between when to use /ar/, /or/, /er/, /ir/, /ur/.  Students can review r controlled vowels online at Starfall.com by doing activities under #12, 13, & 14.  Additional bossy r activities can be found online by clicking here.

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*Be sure you are completing the 3rd quarter spelling homework.

Monday – Rhymes Writing

Tuesday – Antonyms

Wednesday – Synonyms

Thursday – Study for Spelling Test

Friday – Spelling Test in class


Spelling Words Week of March 4-8, 2013

ar, or, er, ir, ur

Download the Bossy R Poster

All students only have 15 words this week.  No extra credit is offered in Language Arts this week.

  1. orchard
  2. shorts
  3. sharp
  4. sore
  5. storms
  6. sport
  7. sharks
  8. porch
  9. artist
  10. perfect
  11. turns
  12. first
  13. herds
  14. learn
  15. third