Advertising Project due 5/10/13

My students will be completing a Social Studies project to conclude our Economics unit.  They are to make an advertisement for a good or service.


Think about what you have learned about economics in this unit.  For your unit project, create your own advertisement.  You can choose to see anything you want.  Use pages 102 & 103 in your Social Studies book to review what you’ve learned and apply it to your project.  Read the list below to see what should be inlcuded in your advertisement.

Your advertisement should…

  • show what good or service you are selling
  • encourage people to buy your product
  • explain what currency or trade you will accept for your product
  • use at least 2 vocabulary terms from this unit
  • be colorful, creative and fun!

We talked about terms and concepts such as:

  • goods
  • services
  • barter
  • currency
  • slogan
  • logo
  • seller
  • buyer
  • supply
  • demand
  • trade
  • scarcity
  • exchange