Fantastic Mr. Fox

fantastic-fox-book1We finished enjoying both the book and the movie of Matilda.  The students did a thorough comparison and really had fun.  We started reading a Roald Dahl biography as well.  To keep with our literary theme we began reading “Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Roald Dahl on Friday.  Feel free to check the book out from the library or purchase it for your child in print or on the Kindle to read along in class.  Sometimes they like to follow along in their own books.  Please DO NOT allow your child to watch the movie if he/she has not already seen it so we can do a proper comparison.  I’ll be showing the motion picture during the week of May 28th.  If you DO NOT give your child permission to watch this PG movie and participate in the book/movie comparison please email me by Monday, 5/20.