Summer Math and Reading Tutorial


(Summer Math and Reading Tutorials)

Dear Family,


We are pleased to inform you that your child has been enrolled in the SMaRT summer tutorial program.  Through this internet based program your child will have access to Destination Math and Destination Reading Tutorials.  The tutorials cover concepts and skills that your child learned during this school year.  In addition, the tutorials will introduce your child to new concepts and skills that they will learn during the upcoming school year.


Did you know that some students lose as much as two months of grade level equivalence over the summer? The SMaRT tutorials can help your child retain what they have learned this year. The assignments are designed for students to work in twenty minute sessions over the course of the program. We hope you will encourage your child to complete the tutorials on a regular basis. Remember the old saying “use it or lose it”; SMaRT can help your child use it and not lose it this summer!


The SMaRT tutorials will be available to your child beginning on May 27, 2013 until July 26, 2013.  See the attached document for step by step directions on how to access the tutorials.


SMaRT Student Guide 2013 The school number is 3961.


Have a SMaRT summer!