About Naomi Church, M.S.


Naomi Church is an experienced educator, credentialed coach and skilled speaker. She served Broward Schools for over 17 years as a Professional Development Specialist, Mathematics Intervention Program Specialist, ESE Support Facilitator, RtI Coordinator, Literacy Coach and teacher.  She holds a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Business from Illinois Wesleyan University; a Master’s Degree from The Florida State University in Educational Leadership; and is certified in Elementary Education (K-6), ESOL (K-12), Educational Leadership (all levels), and Exceptional Student Education (K-12).  Naomi is passionate about coaching, mentoring, professional development, and building capacity in teachers to serve the students in their care. 

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @GrowingMindsK12

Website: http://GrowingMindsConsulting.com