New Parent Trainings Coming in 2017!

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FDLRS Reach of Broward County is a collaborative network that supports educators and families by providing learning opportunities ranging from prevention to intervention to maximize student achievement.

FDLRS Parent Services brings you FREE learning opportunities for parents in 2017!

Click here for information on our FREE webinars that you can participate in right from home!

You can also attend in person parent trainings throughout the county!

  • Growth Mindset for Parents will be offered on January 24, 2017 at 6:00pm at Challenger Elementary School.
    • Pre-register for this event by clicking here:
    • This training will focus on how parents can build a Growth Mindset in their children and even develop one themselves.  When students believe they can get smarter, they understand that effort makes them stronger.  Come learn how simple changes in the way you praise your child can make them into more successful students.  
  • Family Fun with Math will be offered on February 15, 2017 at 9:00am at Arthur Ashe Campus and 6:00pm at Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School.
    • Families can increase math proficiency in their children by playing fun games at home.  In this workshop you’ll learn some strategies, activities and games that you can play to increase student success in Mathematics.  


Sumdog Math Contest

Check out Sumdog’s Math Contest for Broward!

Friday, October 28th is the start of Sumdog’s Broward County math contests.

It’s free to enter and runs for six days, ending the following Thursday.

Students can play online either at school or at home using the website or the app…..and there are prizes up for grabs!

The contest is aimed at grades K – 8, but other students are welcome to participate if the teacher feels that the level is appropriate.

Join in the fun and learn more about the contests at:

For any questions, contact [email protected]

Exceptional Student Education and Support Services Newsletter


Exceptional Student Education and Support Services is proud to utilize Canvas, our new Learning Management System, to accept submissions for the upcoming Spring 2017 Newsletter!  We are looking for quality submissions from program specialists, psychologists, itinerant teachers, supervisors, schools and the entire division that showcases the amazing work you do with our teachers and students on a daily basis.  We want to share our knowledge base and positivity with the district!  

Simply click the link below to “enroll” yourself in the course.  Then you can view the current newsletter as a guide for formatting, submit your article and photos, and even ask questions if you have any all in one place!  We look forward to reading about all of the wonderful things that your schools, teachers and students are doing.


For more specific directions on submitting an article to the newsletter, please click here.  newsletter-submission-directions

You can view our Spring/Summer 2016 newsletter by clicking here! ese-newsletter-spring-2016-final

You can view our Fall 2016 newsletter by clicking here!  ese-support-services-newsletter-fall-2016-final

Winter 2017 newsletter is coming soon!

Should Students Have Homework?

Are we giving our students too much homework?  Research shows that it can actually have more of a detrimental than positive effect.  This article by Gretel Kauffman talks about a teacher who is taking the leap of not giving excessive homework this year.  Specifically for struggling students, homework that is above their ability level or excessive in quantity can lower their self esteem and frustrate them.  When it comes to math homework on the standards, parents can often become frustrated as well since they are unfamiliar with the strategies being taught to their children.  A moderate amount of fluency fact practice can be more encouraging and effective than sending home practice book sheets on math strategies that the parents are unable to assist with.

Christina Tondevold, the Recovering Traditionalist gives her thoughts on homework in this VLOG.

Some schools are setting up policies in which they no longer assign traditional homework based on the research. Check out some of the articles, videos and research on the topic to decide what will be best in your classroom.