Teacher Professional Development


TouchMath Intervention

Learn everything you need to know about the TouchMath Program in one day and get a firsthand look at the unique, multi-sensory approach to math. We will supply all the materials needed for a hands-on, interactive learning experience. You’ll even be able to download free TouchMath Activity Sheets so you can get started right away! The training will cover addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. TouchMath Intervention kits are not provided by the district. Available for registration in MyLearningPlan.  This training is worth 8 inservice points and counts toward the ESE Renewal Requirement.  NEXT OFFERING: February 27, 2020 @ MIRROR LAKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  Course #: 39118804.

Building Math Proficiency

This 2 day face-to-face module in addition to continuing online follow-up is designed to introduce participants to the 5 strands of Mathematics Proficiency per the National Research Council and how explicit instruction in these areas will help our struggling learners.  Participants will also be able to assess fluency with multiple authentic methods in addition to teaching problem solving strategies to assist struggling learners. Register in MyLearningPlan, course title: “Math Proficiency in Struggling Learners.”  This course is worth 16 inservice points and counts toward the ESE renewal requirement.  This course if offered separately for Elementary and Secondary Math teachers. NEXT OFFERINGS:
SECONDARY TEACHERS – February 24 @ RIPDC Room 501 & February 25 @ARTHUR ASHE CAMPUS. BMP Flyer Secondary  Register in LAB COURSE #: 39122905. 

TouchMath Train-the-Trainer

This two-day professional learning opportunity will provide participants with the instructional philosophy of the TouchMath intervention program to address computational skills from addition to fractions. Adult learning techniques for delivering a quality PD experience will also be covered as participants will leave prepared to provide a one-day TouchMath training themselves. This course is worth 16 inservice points and counts toward the ESE renewal requirement.  This course if typically offered once yearly. EMAIL NAOMI CHURCH IF YOU NEED THIS COURSE.

Ready Florida Mathematics Intervention

This three-hour professional learning opportunity will provide participants with the instructional philosophy of the Ready Florida Mathematics Intervention print program as well as how to implement the program with struggling learners. This course is worth 4 inservice points and counts toward the ESE renewal requirement. NO OFFERINGS SCHEDULED AT THIS TIME.  EMAIL NAOMI CHURCH IF YOU NEED THIS TRAINING.  

Number Sense Interventions

This one-day face-to-face professional learning focuses implementation of Number Sense Interventions. Participants will learn what number sense is and where it is located in the state standards. Number Sense Interventions targets key number sense competencies through explicit instruction for understanding. Activities build on each other, providing scaffolding to help children learn important mathematical relationships that are necessary for transfer to more advanced mathematical tasks. This course is worth 8 inservice points and counts toward the ESE renewal requirement. NEXT OFFERING: MARCH 20, 2020 (Teacher Planning Day) @ ARTHUR ASHE CAMPUS. Register in LAB Course #: 39124134.

Supporting SWD (Students with Disabilities) in Gen Ed for SPECIALS TEACHERS (Music, Art, PE, STEM, etc.)

This one-day professional learning opportunity focuses on giving general education teachers strategies for working with students of varying abilities within their classrooms. Universal Design for Learning, Differentiated Instruction, Growth Mindset and the various eligibilities will be covered. This course is worth 8 inservice points and counts toward the ESE renewal requirement.  FOR SPECIALS TEACHERS: March 17, 2020 (Teaching Planning Day) @ MAPLEWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  Supporting SWD in Gen Ed 2020

Supporting Students Using UDL Principles for District Staff

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is based on a theory that any tool, asset, or scaffold which has been shown to benefit some learners should be standard tool available to ALL learners. By presuming differences in student background knowledge, learning styles, and cognitive strengths, and then resourcing their classroom with a complete tool set of supports, educators establish an environment that is presumptively inclusive. This session will bridge the UDL theory with practical implementation strategies for modeling UDL in professional learning and support. This course is worth 4 inservice points and DOES NOT count toward the ESE renewal requirement. NEXT OFFERINGS: May 19, 2020 9:00am-12:00pm @ Arthur Ashe Campus.  Register in LAB.  UDL District Flyer 2020

Making Reading Instruction Explicit (for Students with Persistent Reading Difficulties)

Participants will learn ways to increase the explicitness and intensity of reading instruction to be responsive to students’ needs. Research is clear that differentiated lessons, using explicit instruction and increased intensity, are essential for K-12 students experiencing persistent and significant difficulties in reading. This course is worth 20 inservice points and fulfills the ESE renewal requirement. Available for registration in LAB. NEXT OFFERINGS: CHECK BACK SPRING 2020.

Core Curriculum Solutions for Students on Access Points (Attainment)

Attainment’s Core Curriculum Solutions feature rigorous, scientifically-based programs specifically designed for students being instructed on Access Points. Teachers will leave with all materials needed for instruction in English Language Arts, Math, and Science along with Access Point alignment charts. Core Curriculum Solutions is based upon systematic instruction with a shared organizational structure. It provides scripted lessons to decrease teacher prep and increase teacher fidelity. The ongoing assessments capture data and document student achievement. The sequences of learning are educationally sound and developmentally appropriate. This course is worth 8 inservice points and counts toward the ESE renewal requirement. This training is only for InD Special Program Teachers, SVE Teachers, district staff and coaches. NEXT OFFERINGS:
HIGH SCHOOL – JANUARY 23, 2020. Core Curriculum Flyer

Facilitated IEP

The Exceptional Student Learning Support Division is striving to build school based capacity as it relates to the facilitation of Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meetings.  In an effort to maintain consistency in the IEP process throughout our district, all schools will receive training in the Facilitated IEP process.  This aligns with the Florida Department of Education endorsement and statewide implementation of Facilitated IEPs.  Participants will learn to utilize facilitation skills to make meetings run smoothly, efficiently, and collaboratively.  Techniques such as use of ground rules and agendas are part of the training, in addition to skills such as Active Listening Skills, conflict resolution and reconciling differences.  Participants are taught to understand the various stages of a discussion and how use these to build agreements throughout the IEP meeting. This course is worth 16 inservice points and DOES NOT count toward the ESE renewal requirement. This training is only for ESE Specialists/ LEAs.   NEXT OFFERINGS: February 3 & 4, 2020 @ Arthur Ashe Campus.  You cannot register for this one in LAB, so if you need this, please contact Carol Beitler at [email protected]

Writing Quality IEPs Abridged

This one day training is designed for any teaching staff, working with students with disabilities, who develop Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).  The training addresses all components to building a standards-based (Florida Standards, Access Points) IEP including the present level of performance (PLP), annual goals, objectives, services, supports and data collection for implementation.  This refresher course will utilize the revised 2012 Developing Quality IEP booklet from Florida DOE and is intended for teaching staff familiar with developing IEPs but needing updated information. This course is worth 8 inservice points. NEXT OFFERING: FEBRUARY 20, 2020 or APRIL 7, 2020.

Professional Learning Opportunities for ESPs (Paraprofessionals)

A teacher’s language and mindset impacts their actions. A teacher’s actions impact their students’ mindset. A student’s mindset impacts their performance. In this session, participants will understand the influence of language on mindset. Research on the effects of praise statements and their impact on student engagement and performance will be explored.  Participants will learn how to formulate feedback that activates and bolsters a growth mindset in learners. This course is worth 4 inservice points. NEXT OFFERING: MARCH 19, 2020. SECTION #: 35353.  ESP 2020 Flyer