100th Day of School & Valentine’s Day!

100th Day of School 100 days

The 100th day of school will be on Monday, February 4th this year.  We will be making a 100th day trail mix.  I’ve sent home letters with some students asking for parents to send in items for our trail mix.  Please send in the items as soon as possible or let me know if you have a conflict.  Additionally we will have Meet the Masters on the 100th day of school!  What a fun day!

Valentine’s Day valentines

Valentines Day is Thursday, February 14th.  I am organizing Valentine themed centers with the help of our wonderful room moms for 2/14 in the afternoon.  Please contact the room moms if you’d like to volunteer.  Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Can my child bring in valentines?  Yes, students may bring in Valentines as long as they bring in enough for the entire class.  We have 19 students in all.  Valentines are NOT required though, it is up to you.
  • Can I send in candy?  Yes, you may send in small individually wrapped candies or packages of candy as long as there is enough for all 19 students.  Please do not send in cupcakes.

Additional Valentine notes:

  • I will still be teaching reading and math that day to maximize instructional time.  Centers will not begin until about 12:30pm.
  • Students should wear pink and/or red to match the theme.  :-)
  • Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to practice kindness among peers.  Please be sure you send in enough treats or valentines for the entire class.  We never want anyone to feel left out.
  • If you are willing to send in a supply to help make our day a success please email me and I will let you know what we need.  


Thank you for your continued support.  It is my pleasure to provide fun and engaging activities for your children!  :-)