BCCTM Extravaganzaa Featured Speaker Presentation


Naomi Church, FDLRS, Mindset Makes a Difference in Mathematics, 4:00 PM
Sponsored by Destination Knowledge

Presentation Resources:

A Growth Mindset in Mathematics Blog Post https://www.leadinggreatlearning.com/a-growth-mindset-in-mathematics/

Assessing Basic Facts Fluency Article https://www.nctm.org/Publications/teaching-children-mathematics/2014/Vol20/Issue8/Assessing-Basic-Facts-Fluency/

Classroom Grants for BCCTM Members!

Dear BCCTM Members,

In order to support excellence in mathematics education in Broward County, BCCTM is once again offering 3 classroom grants of up to $150.00. The application as well as additional information can be found online at the Broward County Teachers of Mathematics Website.  Don’t delay! BCCTM Classroom Grant 2016-17 applications are due by March 10th.

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